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Cannabinoids for Treating Depression & Anxiety

cannabinoids for depression and anxiety

Our modern world is an exciting one, but for many of us this also comes at a price.  Having to juggle careers, relationships, family life along with all the other daily stressors, we can easily be left feeling overwhelmed, down and anxious. According to the Minister of Health, Environment, Youth, Sports and Culture, mental disorders […]

Cannabinoids for Treating Pain

cannabinoids for pain

Although pain is a normal response by our bodies to let us know that something has gone wrong, for many people it can become something which is more than a fleeting sensation of discomfort.  Chronic pain is one of the most wide-spread and debilitating health conditions, causing an increasing number of people to turn to […]

The Endocannabinoid System: What Is It And What Does It Do?

In the 1990’s Dr. L.A. Matsuda “discovered” the endocannabinoid system when he described the structure and functional expression of the CB-1 cannabinoid receptor for the first time. Since then the scientific community have made leaps and bounds in understanding the function of the endocannabinoids system (ECS), endocannabinoids, and the role that phytocannabinoids (cannabinoids derived from […]

Cannabinoids: What Are They Good For?

What we think of as cannabinoids, are actually an activated, or decarboxylated, form of cannabinoid acids which is what is synthesized within the cannabis plant. Cannabinoid acids have very different effects on the body to that of their decarboxylated cousins. And although most cannabinoids are not psychoactive, none of the cannabinoid acids are. It is […]