Farside’s Mission

Farside connects patients to our network of licensed medical practitioners and pharmacists with the aim of educating people on the benefits and uses of cannabis extracts for medical and therapeutic purposes only, while increasing their accessibility to premium-quality, therapeutically effective, medical cannabis extracts in the Cayman Islands and greater Caribbean.

About Farside

Farside is a modern, and forward thinking medical cannabis consultancy and company that connects patients to our extensive network of licensed medical practitioners and pharmacies. Farside also produces an exclusive line of GMP-certified medical cannabis products that are manufactured and imported from compliant sources to improve accessibility and help improve the quality of life of patients across the Caribbean.

Our Story

The Farside story is a personal one. It is a story about personal tragedy and loss. But it is also a story about hope and healing. It is the story of a company that was conceived from the personal experience and need that patients and families across the Caribbean have the right to choices and deserve to have access to alternatives when it comes to their health and available medical treatment options.

It all started when Farside’s founder left for the United States to study at University. The culture being more open-minded to the medicinal benefits of cannabis, a friend suggested that the he try using cananbis to help him deal with the stresses and pressures he was experiencing. Finding that using cannabis also helped relieve the symptoms of some other health issues he was experiencing, he set off on a personal journey to explore the benefits of cannabinoid-based therapies.

It was then that tragedy struck but the Farside journey begins…

The Founder’s family member was diagnosed with an aggressive form of endocrine cancer for which her oncologist were running out of treatment options. He suggested that she should try full-spectrum medical cannabis extracts to, at the very least, help her cope with the pain and side-effects from the chemo.

Meet The Team

M.D. Psychiatrist, Medical Consultant

Situated in George Town, Grand Cayman, our ‘Emerging Pioneer’ award winning, board certified psychiatrist has been practicing for more than 20 years, 16 of which in the Cayman Islands. In addition to serving as Medical Director of
Behavioral Health Associates Cayman, he is also appointed as the Director of Inpatient Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at The Health Services Authority in addition to being Chairman of the Cayman Islands Mental Health Commission.

As Farside’s consulting Psychiatrist, he is able to provide the full spectrum of psychiatric services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors seeking medical information and advice about cannabinoid-based therapies.